On this flight we call life, choose your seatmates wisely.

~ Patti Digh, Life is a Verb

Meet Patti Digh

Patti Digh is the author of seven books, including a Fortune magazine best business book for the year 2000 (Global Literacies), one of five finalists for the prestigious “Books for a Better Life Award” in 2008 (Life is a Verb), and finalists for the Southern Independent Booksellers’ Association “Book of the Year” award in both 2008 and 2010 for Life is a Verb and Creative is a Verb.

Patti is a Southern-born master storyteller whose stories are full of humor, poignancy, surprise, pain, and knowing. Her award-winning blog, 37days.com, brings together readers from ages 12 through 95 across the globe.

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About the Store

A part of Patti’s life work is to open space for creative spirits to make strong offers into the world—whether in their writing, painting, parenting, working, relationships, volunteerism, or other art.

So our online “gallery” and store of work by artists creating beauty and vision and meaning is a dream come true. Patti wanted to open space for artisans to create beauty and meaning at once, in ways that complement her own vision and meaning in the world–and she wanted to fling open a space where you could be part of that too. This space will continue to evolve and grow. We hope you will come here to be inspired and to support artists whose values and art mesh with your own.

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Patti Digh Designs for Life creates business opportunities by licensing the unique trademarks of author Patti Digh, the artwork from her books, and by facilitating arrangements with the artists in her international community. We develop and manage a range of programs within different product categories.

Our goal is to create products and services to further Patti’s mission to open space for others to say yes to their lives in a big, joyous, fantastic way; to live fully, love well, let go deeply, and make a difference. We look for licensing partners who share a similar goals and objectives.

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